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Over 300 YouTube Videos for Physics recorded by Greg Clements are listed in the pages with links below. Most of these videos are for a trigonometry-based physics course. Some calculus-based physics videos are now available and more calculus-based videos will be posted.

Please watch one of my YouTube videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel after watching at least 30 seconds. with this link.

Math Review (Simplifying Expressions. Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Right Triangles, Trig Functions, Vectors... and Verification of the Formula for the Area of a Triangle

General Physics I ... Motion, Vectors, Newton's Laws, Conservation Laws, Thermodynamics, Waves

General Physics II ... Electrostatics, Circuits, Magnetism, Optics, Relativity, Atom, Nucleus

Calculus Based Physics I ... Calculus Review, Kinematics, Work, Kinetic Energy, Waves ...Topics from 1st semester physics. 2nd semester topics will be posted in the future.

OpenStax Physics Reading Guides, written by Greg Clements, to help students read and understand the OpenStax College Physics textbook.

Links to a variety to Physics topics.
My Astronomy site has links to over 150 YouTube videos of Astronomy mini-lectures and example problems.

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My academic background.

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